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 Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno

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Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno Empty
MessaggioTitolo: Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno   Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno Icon_minitimeMar Mag 06, 2008 11:39 am

Caos Mortale: aggiornamento su White Dwarf a giugno 2008

Lord of Chaos
Exalted Sorcerer
Daemon Prince

Exalted Champion
Aspiring Champion

Cultists FORSE
Chaos Warriors
Marauder Horsemen

Chaos Chariots
(flayerkin berserkers)
(mutants) FORSE

Chaos Giant

Hey guys, got some info about the upcoming hordes of chaos white dwarf update:

Chaos chariots and knights are special choices, chariots have dropped down to 100 points

Marks are the same, with some points changes. Mok may not generate dispel dice, but costs signifigantly less.

No furies

Chaos warriors have dropped in points (down to 12 )

Cost to upgrade a unit to chosen costs 1 point less

No daemons

Might still be able to ally with beasts

Hellcannon is an army choice now! Still takes up 2 rares though...

Thats it for now. Quite pleased with the changes to the points cost of the warriors, but not happy with some of the choices.
More info, in order of reliability:

Mark of Nurgle is scads cheaper. (at last!)
Sorcerers can have the Mark of Tzeentch - I think it gives them some sort of re-roll.
Mark of Khorne only generates Dispel Dice for characters.

Daemon Prince might still be available.

Chaos GIANT will be in the list as a Rare.

Flayerkin will supposedly NOT be in the list. IF they are, they will be altered to be more generic beserkers than Skaven siege-weapons, and they might not even be called Flayerkin.
Although yes, the Hellcannon will be. (with a nice Fluff blurb about Chaos Dwarfs)

There will be a Magic Item (sacrificial knife?) that is related to the Zealot class from Age of Reckoning.

Chaos Spawn are the same, although their Marks may have changed a little to be more in line with the effects of Daemonic Loci.

Marauders will not have access to Marks.
However, a new Core (or Special?) infantry unit, Cultists, will have access to slightly altered (Spawn-esque) Marks. They will be less 'Fighty' than the Marauders, with no armour, less WS/I, and only access to 2HW and Flails. The pictures for them are apparently converted Flagellants, so there might not be new models?

Allying with Beasts of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos is possible, but requires Magic Items. Chalice of Chaos (?) allows you to take some Daemonic units as Special, and Totem of Chaos (?) allows you to take some Beast units as Special.

Mutants were mentioned - possibly as character upgrades (unlikely), a new Special unit in line with the Age of Reckoning Marauders (possible), or even a unit in the next Beasts of Chaos book (no idea). Might be the same unit as Cultists/Marked Cultists, and I'm just confusing them.
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Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno Empty
MessaggioTitolo: Re: Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno   Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno Icon_minitimeMer Mag 07, 2008 4:45 pm

che pacco

io giÓ mi immaggino il tizio supersborone del mio club che giocava caos misto mortali demoni.....andrÓ a protestare di persona alla GW probabbilmente ahahahah
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Cosa ci dovrebbe essere ne White Dwarf di Giugno
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